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Boards and Committees Term Expiration Dates  
Township Board Email  Term Expiration 
Rob Lajko, Supervisor 11/20/2024
Lisa Gulliver, Clerk  11/20/2024 
Margaret Lajko-Lee Treasurer 11/20/2024 
Jeff Wallace, Trustee  11/20/2024
Carol Stocking, Trustee 11/20/2024
Stephanie Lathrop, Deputy Clerk    11/20/2024 
Jason Hamilton, Deputy Treasurer   11/20/2024 
Staff   Email Term Expiration 
Dawn Kuhns, Assessor  N/A 
 Roger Williams, AICP  N/A
 Pat Kitchin, Cemetery Sexton  N/A
Planning Commission  Email  Term Expiration 
Jennifer Hodges, Secretary    12/31/2020
Stephanie Green, Commission Member    12/31/2021
Max Anderson, Vice Chair   12/31/2020
Carol Stocking,Township Board Representative  11/20/2020 
Ron Carr, Chair   12/31/2022
Vacant, Commission Member    12/31/20121
Rob Whims, Commission Member    12/31/2022
Zoning Board of Appeals  Email Term Expiration 
Tony Temple, Chair   12/31/2020
Max Lown , Vice Chair    12/31/2022
Suzanne Rinckey   12/31/2022
Stephanie Green, PC Representative   12/31/2022
Eleanora Strange, Zoning Board of Appeals Member    12/31/2022
Vacant Alternate     
Board of Review  Email  Term Expiration 
Jennifer Hodges, Chair    12/31/2021
Rob Lajko, Secretary 11/20/2024
Don Smith, Board of Review Member    12/31/2021
Beth Choike, Board of Review Member    12/31/2021
Pat Kitchin, Alternate    12/31/2021
Joint Township/Village Parks & Recreation Committee Email  Term Expiration 
Rob Lajko, Township Board Representative    11/20/2024
Stephanie Green    
Sarah Merz     
Civic Center South Authority Representatives  Email  Term Expiration 
Vacant, Township Board Representative    11/20/2024
Lisa Gulliver, Alternate  
 Pat Middleton-Member at Large