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FAQ's about Property Taxes

1. When are taxes sent out to residents?

Summer taxes are generally sent out on July 1st.
Winter taxes are generally sent out on December 1st.

2. When are taxes due?

Summer taxes are due by September 14th, without interest. 1% interest is added to the unpaid portion of your bill on September 15th and on the 1st of each subsequent month. A 3% penalty will be added after February 14th.

Winter taxes are due by February 14th, without interest. A 3% penalty will be added after the February due date.

3. How and where can I pay my taxes?


Payments can be made at the Paradise Township Hall. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit card payments. If you want to pay in cash and want a recipt you MUST make an appointment with the Treasurer. If you would like to pay your taxes after business hours, you may put them in the drop box that is located by the front door of the Township Hall. Envelopes are provided.


You can mail checks or money orders to:
Paradise Township
c/o Treasurer
2300 E. M-113
Kingsley, MI 49649


You can use our phone payment system toll free at 855-814-0112.

Tax payers can pay their taxes by credit card or e-check by using our online payment system through our website at Service fees of $3.00 per e-check and 3% of the balance on credit cards will apply.


4. What are my taxes being applied to in my summer and winter bill?

Your summer bill includes the following:

  • state education tax
  • Grand Traverse County (GTC) tax.

Your winter bill includes the following:

  • one college tax
  • two school taxes
  • one library tax
  • Bata tax
  • Commission on Aging (COA) tax
  • COA senior center tax
  • EMS tax
  • Fire Tax
  • Township tax
  • Animal Control
  • Conservation
5. Can Tax payment be deferred?

Summer taxes may be deferred if your total household income was less than $40,000 and you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Senior Citizen, 62 years of age or older
  • Paraplegic, Quadriplegic
  • Eligible Serviceperson, Veteran, Widow or Widower
  • Blind Person
  • Totally & Permanently Disabled

You may pick up an application for deferment from the Treasurer's office or call us and we can mail one to you. **Note:  You must apply for deferment every year.

6. What if I did not receive a tax bill?

Section 211.44 (2) Failure to send or receive the notice does not prejudice the right to collect or enforce the payment of the tax.

7. I do not agree with the assessed value of my house, who do I talk to?

Please contact Dawn Kuhns, Paradise Township Assessor at or call the her business cell phone between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.